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  • Woohoo! Just Graduated

    25 July 2017

    Finally! After 5 long years i have my computer science degree. It wasn't easy but I did it. I am looking forward to a month of relaxing and watching game of thrones for a change. In the last 5 weeks the resource course hero helped me alot. During my years...

  • Best Ways to Cram for an Exam

    02 August 2017

    Get ready to cram Its 9 PM the night before a big test and you are completely unprepared. The only way to salvage your score will be to cram like your life depends on it. I was guilty of many late night cramming sessions in College and always managed...

  • Using Duolingo and Lingq to learn Polish

    28 July 2017

    Most people are familiar with Duolingo. It's a cool program that gamifys language learning by using experience points and in game currency like lingots. While Duolingo is fun and super-addicting it will only get you through the beginner level of a language....